Downtown Bentonville App


Who puts on First Friday, Farmers Market, Christmas Parade, etc...?

Is it the city? 


Do they work with the city?


But they're not the city?


Well who are they?


It's really pretty simple.

Downtown Bentonville Inc. is a nonprofit, funded by donations, sponsorships and grants.

We started about 15 years ago with the purpose of bringling life back to Downtown Bentonville. There was very little business and practically nobody went to the square to hang out. Some thing needed to change and we spearheaded that.

Our focus is on making events in Downtown that bring the community together and make everyone feel at home.

Andrew Heath

Executive Director

Our fearless leader. He's out in the community gathering support and meeting new people. He really love Auntie Anne's pretzels! They're his only weakness. 

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Chad George

Director of Operations

Counting money and keeping people happy, that what this good sir does and he does it quite well.  A lot of his work is done behind the scenes, but he keeps the place running very smooth. 


Hunter Stuckey

Director of Productions

A real swell fella with a good smile. He is over all things events around here. Also he can do a backflip and he'll show you.

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Dylan Taylor

Farmers Market Manager 

The man that brings you our incredible Farmers Markets each week! You'll see him at the at square every Saturday and on Wednesdays "Under the Vine" at the 8th Street Market.

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Evan Gray

Special Events Manager 

You'll find this fella at First Fridays among and many other events. He's got style and usually looks pretty good. Ask him about his hidden powers.


Brad Stallcup

Creative & Design Services

Well hello there! I'm the guy making this app as well as posters, print, our website, videos, images and all the creative thing around here. It's literally my favorite job in the world.


Alex Andrews

Event Assistant

Alex can answer your questions about where you're at during events. She helps set up the stage and helps a lot around the office.



If you need help making an event happen in Downtown Bentonville, by all means let us know!